How to find cheap headstones

cheap headstones

Gravestones and headstones are often considered as the marker of the grave. Cemetery contains many graves. You can easily find the grave of your loved one by reading the name and the death date. If you want to buy the headstones for your family member, one of the important things that should be considered is the price. The price of the headstones is various. If your budget is limited, you may need cheap headstones. By purchasing affordable headstones, you should not spend much money. If you buy the headstone for the first time, it can be unfamiliar and tricky field. There are many variables that can affect the price of headstones, such as the size and type of granite used. The upright headstones can start around $1,200 and the flat one starts around $300. The addition of emblems, photos, and other decorations will add to the cost. There are also some unique options, like Monubenches and classic benches. The price of Monubenches starts at $2,500 while the cost of classic benches starts at $1,300. 

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The most popular terms regarding headstones searched on the internet are cheap headstones, headstone prices, discount headstones, and affordable headstones. It means that buyers are searching the best deal when buying a headstone. Before starting to search the headstone prices, you are mush recommended to check the cemetery regulation that regulate the type, material, and size of the headstone. If you buy the headstone that does not meet the requirements of the cemetery, it can result a refusal. The headstone cannot be installed in the cemetery.

How to find cheap headstones

After knowing the cemetery rules, you can start to search the cheap headstones for the grave space. If you want to make the prices down, you need to keep the design and lettering to a minimum.  Some monument suppliers charge each letter. More complicated design will require higher headstone prices. You need to choose granite color like gray and other standard colors since they do not cost too much. Many premium granite colors come with a heavy price. Remain the small size of the overall headstone. The bigger monument will cost higher. You can also save a couple of hundred dollars by omitting a flower vase.


Price list headstones:


 FREE Photo and Artwork! Companion Carved Angel
Regular Price: $5,599.00
Special Price $3,799.00

Companion Tear Drop
Companion Tear Drop



Single Tear Drop

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart Includes Vase


Bench Memorial 36" Long x 14" Wide x 4" Thick
Regular Price: $1,799.00
Special Price $1,399.00
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You can buy a headstone from the monument dealer, funeral home, cemetery, or even internet. You should take time to learn the offer of each company. Usually, cemetery offers the highest cost. You can find many discounts from internet headstone dealers.

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