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Losing someone is very heartbreaking. It will be hard time when there is family member who passed away. You are recommended to give support and sympathy to the family of the departed. To show your condolence, you can attend the funeral. You need to pray that the deceased can rest in peach and the family member can be strong to pass the hard day. For your special one, you may need to write a condolence message. This message will represent your feeling. You may not able to utter your feeling in this difficult day. Writing a condolence message can be hard thing. If you want to make the best word arrangement, you may need to read several rip quotes. At this time, you can easily find the quotes that will inspire you to write the condolence message. If you are looking for such quotes, you need to read this article completely. There will be many quotes that are often used to show the condolence.

“You are very great person. You will always be in my mind and my heart. There will be no goodbye for us.”
“Death will not erase the memories about us. Your smile will always be in my eyes. Wherever you are, you will be in my mind forever.”
“Let our grateful memories stay alive in the time of grief. You are the best though you cannot be touched or even seen. I can feel you with my heart.”  (One of common rip quotes)
“Death is not the most enormous loss in this life. But, we should be strong to face it. We cannot run from this reality.”
“Tears are the unspoken language of sorrow. I am here at this time to be with you to go through the difficult time.”
“Sadness can be easily expressed, but it is so hard to tell. With these words I want to tell you my deep sympathy. I am here with you at this heartbreaking time.”
“We will not lose our memory by death. Remembrance of the good deeds can be consolation when we have lost someone.”
“We may know the birth will come but the death can come anytime. Death leaves us with sorrow.”
“Death is full of sorrow. You can find comfort from loving memories. “
Those are several rip quotes that may help you to show your condolence. You can use them or modify them as you wish.

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