Muslim Prayer for the Dead Arabic Rituals

Muslim prayer for the Dead Arabic here will explain more of the ten steps to do in the Muslim customs. The first is ‘just after death’. It needs to close the eyes, bind the Jaw and cover the body with a clean sheet. The funeral takes a place before the next sunset or around 24 hours ideally. The second is the mourning period. For the family and relatives, the mourning period is 3 days, but for widow, it takes four months and 10 days. 

Muslim Prayer for the Dead Arabic

Muslim prayer for the dead Arabic is just like the other Muslim rituals. The third is washing people the dead. Someone who performs the washing should be Muslim and have the same sex as the deceased. However, it is exceptions for children and spouses. The washers use clothes to methodically clean the body, top to bottom and left to right. The process is repeated from three to seven times. The fourth of it is shrouding the body. For men Muslim corpse, it is used three white sheets and four ropes. For women, the corpse wears a loose fitting, sleeveless dress and a head veil with a loin cloth. 

The fifth step is doing the funeral prayer. Before burial, it is needed to do the prayer. It occurs outside the mosque and its prayer room. The sixth step is the funeral. Men in the front row, children in the second row and the women in the third row. It is just like the silent prayer. The next step is transporting the body and traditionally several men carry the body to the cemetery on foot. No singing and loud, especially crying or reading Quran in this step. There is also no candles in teh funeral procession. Since it needs to bury in a hurry, so the Muslim should be bury in the location he or she died. The next is the burial traditions. No women and children are allowed at the gravesite during the burial. The nest two last is marking and visiting the grave. Muslim do not need to extravagant gravemarkers. A small marker is fine. There is no cut flowers, candles, and everything on the top of the grave. The last is consoling family and friends. It is recommended to reach out the mourning family with sympathy and with food for three days after the funeral. In every religion, it is something advised to let yourself giving the sympathy to the mourning family. Muslim prayer for the death Arabic is same.

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