How to make DIY funeral sprays

Many people often give funeral flowers as condolence symbol for their beloved family or friend. When attending the funeral of your special friend, you can make your own flower display. This idea is respectful and tasteful. It is great way to personalize your condolences. It will also add caring touch. You can make a lovely floral spray with several simple steps. Funeral sprays can be simple or elaborate. You can make them small or large. For the placement, you can make them standing or hanging. You can also lay them on the casket. If you decide to make the floral spray by yourself, you need to read the direction to make it.

funeral flowers
 funeral flowers

a. You should decide the kind of spray that you want. You should determine the size, color, and complexity. You can also add personal decoration. Your personal decoration will make your spray different with the other. You should make the concept properly. This concept will lead you to make the best funeral sprays. 

b. After deciding the concept that you want, you need to gather all materials and tools that needed. Make sure that you completely gather the materials and tools. It will make you easily complete your job. You will need flowers, greenery (leaves, ivy, moss), shape knife, pruning clippers, floral tape, spray adhesive, wire cutters, wire mesh, waterproof tape, chenille stems or pipe cleaners, floral foam, support (casket spray holder or hanging spray holder), flower food, water, and personal embellishments (name banner, photo, or ribbons).

Red funeral flowers

c. Do not forget to cut the floral foam if it is not already cut. Fit it into your spray properly. Do not over cut to make the funeral sprays comfy.

d. Mix flower food with water and then soak the floral foam to the mixture.

e. Set the wet floral foam into the container. You need to use waterproof tape to lock it to the sides and bottom of the container.

f. Hold the foam into container by making a mesh from floral tape. This helps giving an anchor to the flowers.

g. Take moss to cover the mess.

h. Firmly and carefully press the flowers and greenery into the moss and then mesh and finally into the foam. Make a base for the flowers by using decorative plant. You can also put greenery to fill the bald spot. Anchor flowers and greenery without breaking the stems. 

i. Add your personal embellishment to the funeral sprays. You can add ribbon, family’s name, photo, etc.

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