Best Rip Song Lists a Finder Grave

Losing someone is very painful moment. But, we should be strong to let him/her go to the better place. We should be patient with her/his loss so she/he will rest in peace. We still have our memories. You can remember the loving memory when missing her/him. To memorize someone, some people create a song. Usually, it is about the glad memory when they are still together. Sometimes, the song is about their deep sadness because of the loss. There are several categories of rip song, like: funeral songs, young death, death of a parent, death of a spouse, alternative, religious, golden oldies, etc. Listening to the music may be able to make your feeling better. Here, I have some references if you are searching the funeral song.

Common funeral songs:

  • Time to say Goodbye (Singer: Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli) 
  •  In the arms of an angel (Singer: Angelis) 
  • Even though you are gone (Singer: Angelis) 
  •  Danny Boy (Singer: Celtic Woman) 
  • Somewhere over the rainbow (Singer: Israel Kamakawiwo) 
  • To where you are (Singer: Josh Groban) 
  • Ave Maria (Singer:  Sarah Brightman) 
  • In the arms of an angel (Singer: Sarah Mclaghlan)

Rip song for the young death

  1. Forever Young (Singer: Alphaville) 
  2. Lullaby (Singer: Billy Joel)  
  3. Circle of Life (Singer: Carmen Twillie)  
  4. Fly (Singer: Celine Dion)  
  5. Circle of Life (Singer: Elton John)  
  6. Beautiful Boy (Singer: John Lennon) 
  7. Who you would be today (Singer: Kenny Chesney)  
  8. Gone too soon (Singer: Michael Jackson)  
  9. Held (Singer: Natalie Grant) 
  10. You will be in my heart (Singer: Phil Collins) 
  11. Forever Young (Singer: Rod Stewart)  
  12. Reach for the stars (Singer: S Club 7)  
  13. Streets of Heaven (Singer: Sherrie Austin) 
  14. Angel on the breeze (Singer: Tony Harrison)


Rip song for the death of spouse

  • Memories (Singer: Barbra Streisand) 
  • The way we were (Singer: Barbra Streisand) 
  • Because you loved me (Singer: Celine Dion) 
  • My heart will go on (Singer: Celine Dion) 
  • Goodbye my lover (Singer: James Blunt) 
  • Hallelujah (Singer: Leonard Cohen) 
  • Stop all the Clocks (Singer: Nemo Shaw)  
  • Nothing compares to you (Singer: Sinead O'Connor)  
  • She is gone (Singer: Willie Nelson) 


Religious rip song

a.    Pie Jesu (Singer: Angelis)
b.    Fire & rain (Singer: Birdy)
c.    The Prayer (Singer: Celine Dion)
d.    Spirit in the sky (Singer: Gareth Gates)
e.    My Sweet Lord (Singer: George Harrison)
f.    Amazing Grace (Singer: Judy Collins and the choir) 

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