What to Say When Someone Dies Islam

Grammar is not only to beautify the writing or make a written sentence is structurally correct. But it should be applied also in using the right words in accordance with the atmosphere and circumstances. Then, what if the wording is read when we heard a Muslim who died other than relatives or family members? What to say when someone dies Islam?

Innalillaahi wa inna ilaihi rooji'uun

When it is rumored that someone has died, it is generally coming neighbors, friends, and anyone who knew him. Therefore, in Islam, we should say: "Innalillaahi wa inna ilaihi rooji'uun". It is common for all the calamities that come to the Muslims, not only for the people who died but for those who get bad information. Based on the opinion of the scholars in this issue, it can be concluded that they do not define special readings that should be spoken while the funeral. As far as we know, there is no particular special greeting. However, narrated by the Prophet, people never mourn someone and say "wa inna Innalillaahi ilaihi rooji'uun" It means: May Allah has mercy and rewards you. It is what to say when someone dies Islam.

Innalillaahi wa inna ilaihi rooji'uun

The nicest thing is to say the speech above when hear someone is dead. Some scholars advise that when Muslims mourn the bereaved by Muslims, we should read the words above as well. As for when the funeral of a Muslim who had lost by a heathen, then simply after saying what to say when someone dies Islam is by praying for those who left to die alone and do not pray for the deceased (the infidels). And mourn the infidels, as discussed above, is not allowed, except bring benefit.

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Furthermore, what is said by those who are the member of the Muslim death? In this case is the same. No provision readings are to be read as a response to the mourners. It is also advisable to notify the death to the relatives and comrades. The scholars consider notify person death reported to the relatives, comrades, and righteous people. Therefore, they might receive the reward participate in its implementation. It is also advisable for providing food for the family of the deceased after saying what to say when someone dies Islam. Let constantly improve ourselves. Because of the time, hours, minutes, seconds when we die knowing nothing other than GOD. May we always welcome death with a sense of fun and happy moment.

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