Islamic Funeral for Muslim Simple but Still Sacred

In Islamic funeral, there are some things you should do. It was buried who had been bathed, shrouded, and pray earlier. When you are sure that the person is already dead, then let his eyes screwed, because no information hadith about it. Obliged bathing the corpse or dead person unless he is a Muslim martyr (died on the battlefield). In this case, he does not need to be bathed and does not need to be prayed too. He just simply buried with clothes.

Islam with a simple funeral

All that I know about Islamic funeral and my search results in various media for references, I find examples of Prophet that bury our dead to those ways that 'complicated'. Complicated here is such body with fancy dress. In Islam itself, it only takes 3 sheet Shroud to bury the bodies (for women, it takes 5 pieces shroud). Clearly we see that the bodies of Muslims are not decorated and dressed luxuriously. After being bathed, given perfumes, then wrap it in a shroud and subsequent prayer corpse and ends at the cemetery. There are scholars who prohibit absolutely body to be burnt or cremated, whatever the reason. This is especially true during natural disasters. At that time, a lot of bodies that have been rotting and feared spread of disease. However, there are scholars who do not prohibit it. The bodies still had to be buried and do not forget to be prayed. However, there are also scholars who allow or permit the bodies burned, if deathbed was suffering from dangerous infectious diseases.

install the shroud on the bodies of the Muslims

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People who are most entitled to bathe, to pray, and to bury in Islamic funeral are those who will shortly get to it, then the father, grandfather, and closest relatives that are eligible for a residuary. Meanwhile, for the bodies of women, the most entitled to bathe is the person who will get to it, then the mother, the grandmother, then the closest female relatives. Husband and wife is permissible for one of the two to bathe the other (husband and wife, and the wife may bathe the husband). It is prescribed to those who have pray after burial. Because the Prophet never carry it, but on condition that it be done within a period of one month or less, than after buried. When it passes from one month, you are no longer prescribed prayers over the grave. There is no information that the Prophet prayed over the grave after a month of Islamic funeral.

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