Detail Description of Burial Rites in the Muslim Religion

Death for any society is a social problem because it involves not only family members but also the community for burial rites. Therefore, if there is a death, all the villagers came to help the grieving family or families of victims who died. Usually one woman from each family came to the house of a family who are in mourning, carrying a number of rice. Meanwhile, their son, in addition to help in preparation for burial, also prepares the wood needed for cooking.

example when they want to bathe the corpse

The dead man, his body covered with long cloth then is laid with a longitudinal position. At his side is provided books or the Koran. Thus, anyone who wants to send a prayer to the deceased can pick up and read it. Meanwhile, the family of the deceased negotiating on funeral process, such as: bathing the corpse, the funeral, and people who pray for the corpse. As a process, burial rites should be done gradually and continuously. The stages are: bathing the corpse, clothing, praying for the corpse, and off the ground. Following is a more detail description about these stages.

The Muslims to pray for the deceased recently deceased. usually they read al-Quran

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The first burial rites are the stage of bathing rites. People who have to bathe the bodies generally are people who are pious, or the scholars or people who are experts in bathing the corpse. The amount is usually odd (it can be 3 people, can be 5 people, or 7 people).  The body is doused with some soapy water.  The next rite is clothing the body.  The body is coated with a white cloth (three layers). Furthermore, certain parts, such as: face, palms, and genitals are covered with cotton that has been poured with sandalwood oil. For the record, before the face of a corpse covered with a cloth (white cloth), the family was given a chance to see the last time. After bathing and clothing the corpse phase is completed, the third rite is to pray the corpse. The body is laid in a stretcher and brought to a place of worship. The number of people who pray is unlimited. There is the leader to pray and the other as the followers. After that, then the corpse was carried to the cemetery (grave). It is the last burial rites. There has been made the grave that matches the size of the bodies. Having arrived at the grave, the corpse was laid on his side to face the right and facing the Qiblah. 

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